Why do hospitals and clinics choose IRIS Messaging?

Our vision for the future is rich in clinician support for all patients

Patient and family satisfaction

Engaging with Family members means a better patient experience.

Reduce number of phone calls

Reach family members faster and easier with asynchronous communication, removing needless back and forth or missed calls.

Single platform for staff to communicate

Easily bring other care team members into the conversation while providing family members with one app for their ease of use.

Keep family members informed

The more family members and loved ones are involved in the continuum of care, the better the patient outcomes.

Why is it important to include family members when providing a positive patient experience?

Including family members in the patient experience can be very important for several reasons.

  • First, family members can provide emotional support and comfort to the patient. This can help the patient feel more at ease and less anxious during their hospital stay.
  • Second, family members can serve as advocates for the patient. They can help ensure that the patient's needs and preferences are being met, and can communicate with the healthcare team if the patient is unable to do so.
  • Third, family members can provide important information about the patient's medical history, allergies, and current medications, which can help the healthcare team provide more accurate and effective care.
  • Finally, involving family members in the patient's care can help to foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration between the patient, family, and healthcare team, which can contribute to a more positive patient experience overall.

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